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Published: 18th February 2011
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Adidas is indeed a major player in sports equipment and apparel. Check on the adidas athletic shoes selection below and see the true mark of a winner.

It all started when Adolf 'Adi' Dassler released his first running footwear creation in 1920. It featured the short distance spikes previously invented by an english company called J.W. Foster and Sons. The shoes were revolutionary and became an immediate hit that in 1927 Adi Dassler released another shoe model named DRP. The shoe model was designed just for the Olympics in Amsterdam. By this time Adi Dassler, along with his brother had founded the organization named Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Immediately three years later, the adidas athletic shoes made its initial Olympic success with German athlete Arthur Jonah. Which was 1930. When war broke in 1946, adidas was forced to shift its production to some multipurpose shoe to be used for the army. adidas returned to sports in 1950 to release the first low-cut, soft, lightweight running shoe exclusively created for the German World Championship team. Also, Adi Dassler introduced adidas* as the official company name. When Wilma Rudolph 'Black Gazelle' won the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome having a set of adidas running footwear, Adidas was already a significant player in sports equipment and apparel.

In the first pair of shoe Adi Dassler molded in the backyard to the current line of adidas running shoes used by athletes worldwide, it seems adidas couldn't stop making shoes that win. Adi Dassler's heritage had survived him to assist athletes over the years in pushing the limits of their performance.

Check on the adidas running shoes selection below and see the real mark of a winner.

adidas® adiSTAR® Cushion Price: $109.99

* Extended forefoot adiPRENE® + to have an incredibly resilient toe-off

* Generous adiPRENE® insert within the heel absorbs shock

* GeoFit® collar provides anatomical comfort

* TORSION® provides flexible, adaptable midfoot support

* Lightweight blown rubber outsole

Feet Type: Best for runners with a medium to large build and medium to high arches

Author's Notes: Invaluable for lane runners. The cushion can work wonders even in the hardest pavement.

adidas® SuperNova Cushion '05 Price: $84.99 * Freshly developed upper is much more open and virtually seam-free for best ease and comfort * Brand new, smoother midsole soft cushions run after run

Feet Type: Best for runners having a medium build and medium to high arches.

Author's Note: Even if this model is released a way| back, it is still by far the best sold adidas shoe. many of us find this shoe satisfying so it's the safest choice you really can afford. The most recent release SuperNova Cushion '06 isn't as stable as this one.

adidas is spelled with a small 'a'. And for the dumb, the name is taken from Adi-Dassler, founder of adidas.

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